Culture to Perform

Team culture is key to individual performance and good performance is critical to sustaining a good working culture. We provide a combination of advice, guidance and technology tools that help you to measure, understand and improve staff culture and performance.

In short, we help you to understand customer and community needs and then develop and embed the culture to perform better, whatever kind of organisation you are.

Whether you are restructuring, downsizing or growing, the measurement of staff capability, team performance and organisational culture are critical to your success.

Our solutions allow you to survey customer and community opinion, assess staff consistently against agreed capabilities, automate performance appraisal processes, conduct organisational culture audits and even measure if your organisation is treating its clients fairly.

Using a cutting edge combination of web-based technology and consultancy expertise, we will provide you with reliable management information about your workforce and help you to identify and develop hidden talent within your organisation.

Our solutions can be applied in different ways to address some of the common people challenges that organisations face in ever more demanding economic times. Some of our most popular applications are as follows:

Customer Research & Insight - Gather customer opinion on service/produce delivery and understand how they may behave in the future.

Transformation & Change - Fairly conduct downsizing or restructuring by assessing staff against specific competency and culture requirements.

Performance Management - Simplify and automate the process to achieve greater completion rates and better face-to-face meetings.

360 Feedback - Implement customised and branded feedback tool for internal and external assessors to assist with development of staff at all levels.

Talent Management - Identify, measure and develop talented staff to assist with future success and staff retention.