Our People

Every part of our organisation is key to our clients’ success, including Client Services, Technology Delivery, Business Development, Finance & Administration. All of these teams have been built up by recruiting people with specific expertise and then growing them from within, or by partnering with experts in our associate network.

Paul Glover leads the teams and all team members are experts in their field; they will show you how to deliver discernable value that contributes measurably to the human capital of your organisation.


Paul Glover, Director
Paul has 18 years consultancy, project management and technical experience in Human Resources and Financial Services. Six of those years were spent working on key technology and HR projects at JP Morgan. Paul has built a reputation as an e-HR professional who can effectively analyse and craft solutions to a multitude of HR-related challenges.

In addition, we partner with a number of other leading organisations to deliver complete solutions to our clients.

Our infrastructure Partners are:

  • Shea Beck Design - Graphic and Website Design Services
  • Tanman Solutions - Software Development and Support Services
  • Navisite Europe (part of Time Warner) – Technology and Email Hosting
  • Ipitomi (Nui) – Telephony Solutions