Schools – Performance

Staff Performance & Development in Schools

Enabling you to measure & improve the capability and achievement of your staff, thus supporting performance-related pay decisions and informing effective school development.

Benefits – Performance Improvement

Allows performance expectations to be understood by everyone and accurately measured by managers
Gives visible link to performance-related pay and provides evidencing for pay decisions
Improves goal alignment with school strategic development plans and reinforces staff achievement
Provides strong foundation for future succession planning & talent management

Benefits – Cost Savings

Better management of poor performance – limits costs associated with tribunals & capability procedures
Reduced re-recruitment costs – better retention as performance management is taken seriously
Lower inconsequential CPD costs – CPD needs identified; training aligned with needs; less wastage
Increased employee productivity – better performance of individuals; improved motivation & morale

How can we help ?

Involve staff in designing the core and specific capabilities needed for all roles, wherever they work in the setting.

Conduct performance appraisals for all staff, facilitated by the online tool and the school-specific performance criteria defined above.

If you would like to discuss your school performance needs further please email us directly on or contact us to find out more