Social Care – Development

Our solution will enable you to measure, monitor and improve professional capability of your staff, supporting performance improvements and effective service delivery


  • Best practice performance tool enabling assessment of staff against professional capabilities and performance achievements.
  • Underpinned by the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), developed by the College of Social Work:


  • Shows a full picture of staff performance against behaviour (PCF, capability) & achievement (targets, service plans) and identifies targeted development needs.
  • Our Performance tool is a cloud-based SaaS solution that complements existing review processes/systems (e.g. paper, SAP, Oracle).
  • It records all information in the cloud and can be access by all staff as long as they have web access.
  • The solution tracks performance history and highlights performance trends.

 How it works

  • Culture to Perform runs briefing events to stress the importance of PCF & performance review.
  • The tools ensure individuals self-assess to develop capability & improve self-awareness.
  • Line Managers record observations, ratings and conduct structured review meetings.
  • The solution automates the assessment and review process from beginning to end.


  • Manage risks of poor performance in the social care workforce
  • Provide improvement suggestions to address poor performance
  • Ensure continuous professional development by supporting re-registration, supervision and performance plans.
  • Reduce recruitment costs by “growing your own” talent based upon staff capability
  • Reduce training costs using targeted development & less unnecessary training
  • Build an effective, efficient and flexible organisation by improving professional capability
  • Drive improvements and change in social care – get the right talent in the right roles
  • Motivate staff to achieve higher self-worth, better resilience to pressure and lower absence rates
  • Identify and develop your future managers through talent spotting & succession planning
  • Drive consistent developmental discussions with staff that support corporate appraisal
  • Set clear expectations of staff and measure/reward them accordingly


  • Workflow – Robust and structured, ensuring consistent application by all managers
  • Reports & Trends – Performance and capability ratings for individuals & teams
  • Education – Briefing events to ensure that all team members are engaged & informed.
  • Training – Tailored and targeted training needs analysis & appropriate interventions to support staff development
  • Evidence – Ratings and commentary to support decisions on contribution-based pay

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