Capability Profiler Module - Employment Software from Culture to Perform London UKCreate core competency frameworks, generic team capability sets or role-specific capability profiles quickly and with minimum effort.


The capability profiler enables a team of judges to identify the specific capabilities for a role or the generic capabilities for a team. The final capabilities can provide input into other modules and your existing People Management activities such as recruitment and performance management.

If required, this module can include a set of Capability Headings and Definitions which are undergoing continuous development by the Culture to Perform research team. Alternatively, if your organisation already has a competency framework, then this can easily be uploaded into the system from day one.

The module uses a simple, online step-by-step process:

  1. Judges select from a longlist of capabilities, classifying them as essential, desirable or low-priority.
  2. Judges add any missing capabilities they feel need to be included in the list.
  3. Judges limit the final number selected to twelve essential capabilities.
  4. Judges compare those final twelve to produce an overall rank-order.
  5. The Deciding Judge(s) review the results of all judges and sign-off the capability profiles.

The following screen demonstrates the process of producing the overall rank-order:

Capability Profiler

Capability Profiler

The whole process can be completed in a fraction of the time that it would take to conduct this process using interviews, workshops and paper-based forms. In addition, it allows you to easily engage a much larger number of colleagues as you build the competency framework, hence strengthening the framework through consultation.