Performance Reviewer Module - Employment Software from Culture to Perform London UKConduct capability-based appraisals without the need for extensive paper-trails; Link comprehensive performance reviews into clear objective-setting and action-focused training and development plans.


Capability-based assessments provide feedback on individual performance either from a one-to-one or a 360 degree perspective. Assessments can be made against capabilities defined using the Capability Profiler or against other criteria such as your organization’s existing competencies or behaviours. The structured one-to-one performance review identifies strengths and priority training needs and also facilitates the creating of SMART Objectives.

The Performance Reviewer is very flexible and you simply select which steps are most appropriate to your organisation and our client services team will configure it according to your needs. The main steps available within the module are listed below – along with selected screenshots:

  • Assessments: Self, Line Manager and optional 360 degree (multi-rater) participants

    Assessments: Self, Line Manager and optional 360 degree (multi-rater) participants

    Performnce Review Assessment

  • Assessment Feedback Summary

    Assessment Feedback Summary

    Assessment Feedback Summary

  • Strengths Inventory
  • Training & Development Plan
  • Performance against SMART objectives
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Career Review (Ambitions, Implications, Milestones, Stakeholders)
  • Reviewer’s Summary
  • Overall Performance Rating
  • Reviewee’s Comments
  • Signoff and Closure

The steps in the performance management process can be conducted online using the simple navigation of the Performance Reviewer module:

Performance Reviewer module

Performance Reviewer module

Assessment Accessibility:

Culture to Perform has developed a guide for the specific use of JAWS software. JAWS, an acronym for Job Access With Speech, is a screen reader, compatible with the Performance Reviewer tool, for visually impaired users that presents information displayed on the screen in a text-to-speech format.

The guide that Culture to Perform has compiled allows users of JAWS to understand how an online assessment form is completed and submitted as part of a person’s performance review. For further information please contact