Succession Planner Module - Employment Software from Culture to Perform London UKAllow a comprehensive search to be undertaken by HR and/or Line Management, to identify a number of possible successors for particular roles, against various criteria.


Succession Planning is the process of identifying one or more individuals who could be capable of undertaking a job-role at some point in the future. This is normally required when key positions in an organization are becoming vacant due to retirement, resignation, promotion or re-organisation.

After the framework has been defined using the Capability Profiler, appraisals have occurred using the Performance Reviewer, and a profile has been created using the Culture Profiler, the Succession Planner allows an individual’s suitability to be evaluated against a number of different criteria, as follows:

  • past performance against specific capabilities for the target role or generic capabilities for the target team
  • an individual’s fit with either the desired or the current culture within the organization
  • an individual’s past performance against objectives
  • an individual’s overall performance ratings
Succession Planner Module Software UK

Succession Planner Module

This module allows all of the above areas to assist HR or Project Managers in building a longlist of potential successors for a role or team. This list of individuals can then be evaluated against their potential to perform at a high level within all required capabilities in the target role. This builds a final shortlist of successors who could be interviewed further and approached for the position.

Outputs from the module can include:

  • A longlist / shortlist of potential successors
  • A prioritised list of successors based upon how ‘suitable’ the individuals would be
  • A baseline development plan showing the ‘day-one’ training actions required to ensure the person can rise to the new position

The module allows a more scientific approach to be taken with succession planning and can significantly reduce the time required to gather effective performance data and make evaluations or predictions on future performance.