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By combining modules from the Culture to Perform suite, our team can build sophisticated solutions that provide you with clear measures and contribute to ‘joined-up’ HR strategic thinking.

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Management Reporting – a key benefit

Effective Performance Management must be the benchmark for the performance of an organisation beyond simply looking at a balance sheet. The ability of senior managers to measure performance beyond financial delivery enables business leaders to make more informed decisions about their people and understand challenges in capability that need to be faced to maximise workforce effort.

This will help underpin employee and cultural strengths and weaknesses, enabling the workforce to feel more valued in a team culture with a defined, measurable and consistent career path.

Culture to Perform not only delivers the modules needed to manage the process of performance effectively (available online anywhere) but also provides reporting packs that give instant web-enabled snapshots of business performance.

Total and average values can be taken from the data to show varying views of individual / team performance, based on business need. Our Performance module can also support improvement through the personal development plan, allowing the manager to view improvements as performance reports are submitted.

Examples of reports from the Performance module include:

Capability Ratings Report:

The example below shows department performance based on average ratings of all employees in each department.

Management Reporting UK

Capability Ratings Report - example 1

The Capability Ratings report can be used to generate specific graphs relating to the ratings that have been submitted by participants of a review process. You may wish to consider, for example, the self-assessment rating compared to that of their line manager for a single behavioural statement or as an overview for a capability area. Such an example and many more can be compiled using this report.

Higher-level reports for entire departments or other categories can be generated – there is almost no restriction on how the data can be processed.

Report Capability Ratings UK

Capability Ratings Report - example 2

Learning & Development Report:

The Learning & Development report provides a single access point to review all L&D actions that have been entered, and identifies whether they have been created with regards to a specific capability behaviour, they have been suggested by the reviewee, or manually added by their reviewer. Project management can clearly see which areas are being identified as L&D needs, planning relevant training sessions accordingly, or use the report to track progress on an individual level.

The Business Benefits To You

Overall, our Talent Management modules give you and your organisations the ability to MEASURE performance more effectively, allowing you to better attract, develop and retain their workforce and make more informed performance-based decisions.

Tech Savings

  • Storage & Backup
  • Servers
  • Support Staff

Hard Cost Savings

  • Printing & Distribution
  • Phone
  • HR Admin Staff
  • Travel/Meetings

Time Savings

  • Reduced admin. time
  • Fast review turnaround
  • Instant performance mgt reports

Risk Reduction

  • Take accountability for performance
  • Identify/Manage poor performers
  • Improve retention – lower rehire costs